Metabolomic App

Metabolic insights from data

We are a group of physicians and researchers.  We aim to combine medical data with workout and lifestyle data.  Our platform derives medical insights for metabolic diseases (and wellness) utilizing the following data:

  • Workout data
    • GPS, heart rate, heart rate variability
  • Medical data
    • blood work: lipids, A1c, insulin, and C-peptide levels
    • cardiopulmonary testing
    • CGM and insulin pump data
  • Exercise data
    • Workouts: GPS and heart rate data
    • Step counters
  • Lifestyle data
    • Diet information
    • Sleep data
    • Body weight from smart scales
    • 24/7 Heart rate monitors


Our company is currently building out the platform.

Our platform is app based.  App development is in progress.


Laboratory testing provides insights into your metabolism.  For the metabolic syndrome (closely related to prediabetes) lipids and hemoglobin A1c don't tell the whole story.  Insulin sensitivity is the main culprit in prediabetes and type II diabetes mellitus. We track insulin sensitivity over time using laboratory testing.  We then use machine learning to estimate insulin sensitivity on a daily basis.  You can how your insulin sensitivity responds to changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise.